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a good sandwich by Shannalee © 2012 niall. All rights reserved.


  Scultz: I always thought of you as an Aryan. The Barber: I’m a vegetarian. Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator Strolling, I yammered metaphysics with Abramowitz, a jaundice-yellow (“it’s really tan”) and fly-weight pacifist, so vegetarian, he wore rope shoes … Continue reading

A Glorious Dawn by Tom Blackwell © 2012 niall. All rights reserved.

aikido and magic

If you don’t believe in magic you might want to stop reading this now. I’m not talking about the Magic of an Aikido Throw. The magic I saw when I saw my teacher Asoh Sensei in his seventies effortlessly tossing … Continue reading

dessin from ballad by ikasama4 © 2012 niall. All rights reserved.

ballad: samurai, spear and halberd

I’ve written about a time travel movie before in time takes. I saw another ‘time slip’ movie recently. This one didn’t sound very promising. A time travel movie starring a member of an aging boy idol pop group. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi … Continue reading

Bethany Hamilton by Kanaka Menehune © 2012 niall. All rights reserved.

one arm

To pursue surfing not just as an athletic endeavor or as a sunny day diversion, but to try to glean whatever lessons you can from the practice. It means being aware of your surroundings, and respectful of the people and … Continue reading

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no-touch aikido – a defence

It was the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration in May. Years ago Nobuyuki Watanabe Sensei used to stand inside the entrance of the Budokan in an immaculate white suit greeting everyone with a big warm smile. Then later on he used to do … Continue reading