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down the rabbit hole: depression in the premier league – cnn.com

Down the rabbit hole: Depression in the Premier League – CNN.com. Wow. This is a very cool article. It’s by a professional footballer – a soccer player. It’s very well-written. A pleasure to read. The last thing I read about football … Continue reading

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death match in kiev, ukraine – NYTimes

A Soccer Game in Ukraine During World War II Echoes Through Time – NYTimes.com. German commentator: The crowd is going wild! [the camera pans through the audience, showing they’re completely silent] Escape to Victory So Euro 2012 heads towards its climax … Continue reading

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http://news.yahoo.com/photos/daniele-rossi-shown-mid-air-during-italy-v-photo-104229777–sow.html Yet another international soccer tournament. Yet another early exit by England. Yet another early exit on penalties. Hmm. It’s not rocket science. If you want to score penalties you have to practise penalties. So enough about football. It’s too … Continue reading