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Scultz: I always thought of you as an Aryan.
The Barber: I’m a vegetarian.
Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator

Strolling, I yammered metaphysics with Abramowitz,
a jaundice-yellow (“it’s really tan”)
and fly-weight pacifist,
so vegetarian,
he wore rope shoes and preferred fallen fruit.
Robert Lowell, Memories of West Street and Lepke

“Don’t you know that meat is murder?”,
The dippy hippy cried.
So, I hit him with a leg of lamb –
And sure enough,
he died.
Other Theresa, Vegetarian Poem

who cooked rotten animals lung heart feet tail borsht
& tortillas dreaming of the pure vegetable kingdom,

who plunged themselves under meat trucks looking for an egg,
Allen Ginsberg, Howl

Let me confess!
A languid love for Lilies does not blight me!
Lank limbs and haggard cheeks do not delight me!
I do not care for dirty greens
By any means.
I do not long for all one sees
That’s Japanese.

Then a sentimental passion of a vegetable fashion must excite
your languid spleen,
An attachment à la Plato for a bashful young potato, or a not-too-French French bean!
Gilbert and Sullivan, Patience

A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.
Gertrude Stein, Wars I Have Seen


I seem to have talked a lot about food recently. Mushrooms. Sushi.

I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat meat but I do eat eggs and milk and fish. Apparently that’s officially an ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarian.

Years ago when I became a vegetarian I thought I would probably also have to accept some counterbalancing costs. Reduced stamina or power or speed perhaps.

But I never did. There was no downside.

Japanese food is basically vegetarian anyway.


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Robert Lowell, Memories of West Street and Lepke

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photo: a good sandwich by Shannalee
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  1. niall

    Thanks Carina. Yeah there’s some great vegetarian Greek food.

    It’s very easy to be a vegetarian in the UK but it’s a little difficult in Japan. Surprisingly!

  2. Thank you Niall for this vegetarian post. I was on a seminar in Tenerife this weekend and we had dinner with the Sensei in a greek restaurant, the delicious food we tasted there was also mostly vegetarian.
    And here an excellent recite of Patience

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