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wood + school = good | The Japan Times Online

Wood you believe how good school could be . . . | The Japan Times Online.

This is an interesting article by C W Nicol about the advantages of using wood in construction. Following his advice wood was used in the rebuilding of a school in Miyagi after the Tohoku Earthquake.

C W Nicol is a naturalist living in Japan. He is famous in Japan for his work with nature. He originally came to Japan to study karate. Moving Zen his book about his karate training in Japan was one of the first books I ever read about karate. It’s a very interesting and personal book. Anyone interested in martial arts or in Japan would enjoy it. Below is a very complimentary review of it by a karateka.




article by C W Nicol from May 2011 about Rethinking Tohoku’s Rebuilding

photo: Matsudo workers by BC Gov Photos – using lumber in a construction site


  1. niall

    Yeah there are 3 kinds of zen blog maybe. There’s the traditional style. And the modern orthodox style. And there’s the modern punk style like that one. It’s cool.

  2. niall

    Carina by the way this blog post and a few more in the sequence after it are about Gran Canaria. It’s an interesting blog.


    • First of all thank you for your kind offer of help for my test. And thanks also for the nice blog, wanted to comment, but I couldn’t here from the office with internet explorer, will do it after I come back from my aikido class at night. Did you see how dry everything is?, a pity, it didn’t rain the whole winter, and in summer it never rains in Gran Canaria, so have to wait until next winter.

  3. niall

    Thanks Carina. Yes I’ll put that Bamboo column on this blog soon. I’ll put all of my aikiweb columns on here eventually.

  4. Arigatou Niall for the two interesting articles of W Nicol, he remind me a little bit of Cady in her reply to your column of Bamboo, you can notice their love for nature, which I share. I hope that in future more people will become that sense to protect our world: the earth.

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