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domestic violence: punch, judy and japanese diplomats

There were some events last week in London celebrating the unofficial British birthday of Punch and Judy. It’s a kind of puppet show originally from Italy. It was mentioned by Samuel Pepys in his diary 350 years ago. It became less popular in the second half of the twentieth century because of its use of domestic violence as comedy.

And in San Francisco last week a Japanese diplomat was indicted for serious and continuing violent assaults against his wife. It’s not the first time a Japanese diplomat has been charged with domestic violence. In Vancouver in the 1990s the Japanese consul-general famously justified beating his wife by saying it was a cultural difference. It is true that the Japanese police are reluctant to intervene in family problems.

But I trust in the law of the universe. Cowardly bullies always get their punishments. In this life or the next one. For now in San Francisco I hope it will be a long, long prison sentence.



photo: Punch and Judy by lolaleeloo2


  1. niall

    Thanks for that comment Carina. Abuse of older people is probably going to become a more serious problem with the greying – aging – of societies like Japan. I’m sorry to hear about the couple you know. Perhaps your sensei can keep an eye on the situation. And involve the police if it becomes necessary. If the stepson is not warned he will not stop the abuse and he might escalate it.

  2. thank you Niall, there is now a couple training with us. He 68 old retired taxi driver began a few month ago, then he stopped because of a beating of his stepson. Now he is coming again and his wife too, she is 65 and is very happy after each class, it seems that she can forget all her problems there at least in that 90 minutes. They didn’t come to our seminar on last weekend, I think that he is afraid of the photos, although we told them, that we would take them off the photos.. I hope that if they keep on training they will improve also their life.

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