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the creativity of sony

I had a link to a nice short article about the founder of Sony Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka for this post originally. There was a great evocative black and white photo too of the two of them armwrestling. But I got a comment that the link might not be secure so I’ve taken it out to be sure. Check out Akio Morita on wikipedia instead.

We all learn by imitating, as children, as students, as novices in the world of business. And then we grow up and learn to blend our innate abilities with the rules or principles we have learned.
Akio Morita, Made in Japan

One last Walkman quote:

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt
As the flames rose to her Roman nose
And her Walkman started to melt
Morrissey, Bigmouth Strikes Again

photo: we use our brain power by Will Lion



  1. niall

    Thanks Carina – yeah that’s it. Great photo.

  2. Hi Niall, the photo is really, nice I found it here
    http://pinterest.com/pin/169448004700238644/, I looked for the article, but I didn’t find it

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