judo gold just what the doctor ordered


This is a cool article about the -48kg judo bronze medallist in Beijing, Paula Pareto. She is preparing for the London Olympics while she also studies to be a doctor. A real renaissance woman.

I remember when rugby was an amateur sport there were some great players who were also doctors. Now it is very rare but the South African player Jannie du Plessis is a doctor.

I wish Paula the best of luck for the Olympics. And for her life after sport.


photo: Paula Pareto by Luis Benavides



  1. niall

    In Japan aikido gis don’t usually have a seam down the back so judo gis are stronger.

  2. niall

    About the gis I wear a 5 for aikido. But the sleeves of a 5 are too long for judo so I wear a 4.5 for judo practice. For karate I wear a 6. Karate gis are canvas and the sleeves are wider. All the gis are perfect fits though! For kenjutsu I wear one of my judogi usually.

    • Hi Niall, I understand that you need all the gis. Our aikido gi usually shrinks at least here in Spain, so that after 1 or 2 washings you can use it as judo gi as well, in fact there are no aikido gis, we buy one for judo the thicker one or for karate the lighter one, I prefer de karate gi, because it dries faster and fits better in my bag.

  3. niall

    I like Iwata for aikido keikogi and hakama. Kusakura, Adidas and Mizuno are strong and good for judo. A strange thing is that I wear 3 different sizes for 3 different budo…

  4. It seems that the argentinian team wears judogis of SIGNIA, like this article says http://www.judoporarg.com.ar/cid/es/articulo/reuni%C3%B3n-de-jefes-de-equipo-en-coa-juegos-deportivos-guadalajara-2011, but I didn’t find any web page of this factory.

  5. niall

    Thanks Carina. Japan is always strong at that extra-lightweight but I hope Paula gets the gold in London. She’s a very impressive young woman.

    By the way that’s a nice judogi she’s wearing in the photo! It looks strong.

  6. Thanks Niall, it is great news that an argentinian wins a gold medal, Paula must be a though girl,combining her studies with her hard training. But there is more for me to comment in this nice news: first of all Paula is a beautiful name, I named my daughter so because of my lovely grandma. Maybe you know it, but the nickname La Peke(la pequeña) means the little one. And where she lives in Tigre is close to where I lived in my childhood, I also had more than one hour bus to go to the german school.

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