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London Calling by diegoperez74

fulbright scholars and the shot by ted hughes, daddy by sylvia plath

Fulbright Scholars by Ted Hughes Where was it, in the Strand? A display Of news items, in photographs. For some reason I noticed it. A picture of that year’s intake Of Fulbright Scholars. Just arriving – Or arrived. Or some … Continue reading

Date Musume Koi no Hikanoko - Bunraku by Draconiansleet

men in black

each man must realize that it can all disappear very quickly: the cat, the woman, the job, the front tire Charles Bukowski, Pull A String, A Puppet Moves a clock stopped – not the mantel’s – Geneva’s farthest skill can’t … Continue reading

Colossal Arena by Josh Libatique

what a lot of work it was to found the roman race

tantae molis erat romanam condere gentem  Vergil, The Aeneid This is an interesting series of three articles by Adam Kirsch celebrating 100 years of the Loeb editions of Latin and Greek classics. The first is about Socrates as he appears … Continue reading